one year ago, i was on my way to one of the greatest adventures in my life

and the first stop one of my favorite cities in the world: milano!

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IT’S OFFICIAL. I am no longer a college student but rather a graduate with a Bachelor’s in Architecture.

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Awesome use of taps

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July 13th-20th: Milano, Italy

July 20th-24th: Roma, Italy

July 24th-26th: Siena, Italy

July 27th: Firenze, Italy

July 28th-29th: Siena, Italy

July 29th-31st: Cinque Terre, Italy

July 31st-August 5th: Siena, Italy

August 5th-7th: Venezia, Italy

August 7th-22nd: Siena, Italy

August 22nd-28th: Berlin, Germany

August 28th-29th: Malpensa, Italy

August 29th: NEWARK, NJ

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Goodbye Europe

Raafe and I woke up around 6 today and I had no problem waking up because I was immediately excited for the last flight in my journey back home. Made sure all of my luggage was ready to go and my carryons weren’t too heavy to log around. So much of what I was bringing back was accumiliated through visiting exhibits, particularly the Biennale. Getting back to my apartment will be fun to unpack and reminanse all the different events and locations. At the airport it was great to see everyone from school and hear a little bit about their trips. Everyone seemed to have gone to many different places and do so many different things. And for now we will be up up and away!

On take off I found myself glued to the window. The Swiss Alps are really something spectacular to see and we were blessed with a beautiful day to take off on. It somewhat reminded me of my flight that I usually take to get back home to Washington over the Rocky and Cascade Mountains. One of my first thoughts was I will be back here and hopefully sooner rather than later. This world has so much to offer and now that I’ve had a taste of it I want to see it all. Going on this trip or ‘studio’ if you want to call it was most definitely the right choice. Although I sacrificed my summer back home in Washington I’ve had 21 years of that. I will say that most of my excitement to head back now is mainly geared towards seeing people. I am so excited to see Melissa and Dave at the airport but also so thrilled to share what I have been doing for the last 48 days (yes I counted). To sit here and write about it all will never be enough to explain everything but it is definitely a start. During the hard semester ahead I will be able to take a look at this blog and smile at all the memories from Europe. This is definitely not the end but just the beginning. And with that I say so long Europe I will be seeing you someday soon. 

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